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Another testimonial:

Had we not discovered The Children’s House, Violet and Alfred wouldn’t have had such a great start to school. Above all, they were very happy while learning. Encouraged to take responsibility for their activities, they learnt an enormous amount and progressed really fast. They are very different children too; Henrietta and her team seem to have the innate ability to engage meaningfully with any and all children.

Henrietta seems to have the knack of finding top class staff too. They were all caring, endlessly patient, deeply versed in the Montessori approach and confident that they were giving the children the best possible start to their lives.

To this day we consider ourselves enormously fortunate to have sent Violet and Alfred to The Children’s House. It increased our expectations of the kind of education our children could receive and without a doubt has made an impact on our decisions for their future schools. We recommend it unreservedly.

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