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Our Prospectus

At The Children’s House we pride ourselves in having highly qualified mature staff and an excellent teacher:child ratio to ensure at all times that the children can get the very most out of the Montessori environment.

Please make an appointment to come and visit us at the nursery when we will give you more information about the day to day running of the nursery and be happy to show you round.

• Ages
The Children’s House accepts children aged between 2½ - 5 years.

The structure of the day at the nursery

• Work Time
Between 8.30 - 11.30am the children work with the Montessori exercises on the shelves. We encourage them to choose what they would like to do as we guide them towards learning new skills. Staff work individually with the children, or in small groups with materials and at a pace exactly suited to each individual child. Detailed “progress records” are kept on each child.

• Snack Time
Fresh fruit, raisins, or sugar free crackers. In line with the Montessori practice of developing sense of independence, and of free choice, the children choose, during the morning work session, when to have their snack and drink from a prepared table. The afternoon children also have fresh fruit etc., but, because there are very young children present, they have it in a group together.

• Outside Play Time
Free play is a vital activity for children; at this time we see them developing and improving their gross motor movements, confidence, and social interaction. We also use this time to go to the local parks, playgrounds, the library and on nature walks in the area.

• Art & Circle Time
The projects we do at the nursery help broaden the children’s view of their world. Project topics include Transport, The Universe, Animals, Myself, Children around the world and The Seasons. Each day the project is divided into sub-topics (e.g. farm animals for the Animal project).

During circle time the children, in small groups, are shown pictures, play games and sing songs that reinforce the teachers short prepared talk on the sub-topic. Art, using a variety of mediums, serves to strengthen the children’s understanding of the topic.

• Play Time
Imagination, sharing, and social skills all play an important role as the children play at this time with play dough, cars, stickle bricks, in the home corner and with the water games etc.

Large motor skills, spatial awareness, and co-ordination are also improved as they have fun with specially designed equipment.

• Lunch Time
Again, this is an important social time and a time for reinforcing the importance of care and respect for each other.

• After Lunch
In the afternoon the structure is similar to the morning session but with a shorter work time and an emphasis on active games, music and movement, and developing confidence. It therefore suits, either older children who are with us all day, or younger children who are still settling.

Extra Activities

We have highly experienced, qualified peripatetic teachers for:


Copse Classroom

The classes are held once a week for half hour sessions, and are great fun as well as being very beneficial for concentration, confidence, fine and gross motor skills.

Excerpts from our OFSTED Reports

Appraisal of staffing: 'Very committed staff who work well as a team with a very caring attitude towards the children'.

Areas for further development: 'This is an excellent group and it is hard to find areas of further development'.

Overall conclusions: 'An excellent, well run, thriving nursery, providing high quality education and care for young children'.

Fee Information

The nursery offers the government grant for three and four year, please ask for further details as the Government grant changes by a small amount each term. Afternoon sessions for three and four year olds in receipt of the Grant pay no fees but places are limited.

Fees are reviewed annually each September.

Sessional increases made after the half term break will be charged at the “occasional one - off session” rate.

Entries after the half term point will be charged at the “occasional additional session” rate until the end of the term (which, depending on the length of term often works out as cheaper).

Please note that subject to availability, sessions can be increased after the beginning of term. We regret however, that it is not possible for the nursery to refund fees if a decrease is required after the first day of term.

Bills will be presented on your child’s first day on term along with project notes, Newsletter, and form for the Government grant (if relevant).

You will also be given a copy of “Reach” - A parents guide to Montessori” from Montessori Centre International.


We accept children for no less than three sessions a week. This is because we feel that the frequency of sessions is key to the child settling quickly and easily into the nursery .

The child is able to make friends, establish themselves as part of the group, understand the Montessori practice, and ofcourse the staff are able to get to know them more quickly too.